Saint Matthew

The Skag Evangelist

Full Moon in Scorpio

We boarded the schooner, American,
The evening sun in Taurus,
Still high but dropping fast.
As we sailed into the open
New York Harbor
In the final light
The sun performing
It’s high platform dive
Plunging into the shallow trough of the continent,
While from behind, port side,
The moon, as full as anything
Rose like a bubble
Through a glass of champagne.
I checked my memory of charts
And acknowledged the placement
Of the cold, white globe:
Scorpio. Direct. Low tide.
As unwelcome as it was
I felt exactly as I should
And I was precisely where
I needed to be.

"We’re doing this again, are we?",
I asked the moon.
Silence but the sounds of the ship.
“Do you love me?”
No answer.
“Can we remain as friends?”
The reptilian sphere rolled over
And revealed its soft underbelly
“Is that a ‘yes’?”
The moon rose higher and higher,
The sun disappeared.
My friend brought me some extra blankets,
As we rocked and heeled
Away from the wind.

'Willie Gillis in Convoy' newly discovered Norman Rockwell

'Willie Gillis in Convoy' newly discovered Norman Rockwell

A love like yours…

Jurassic Park Cat Raptor - อย่าปล่อยให้แมวหิว! - YouTube

We are all reborn via this studio job.

It was believed, in Medieval Europe, that people would line up to kiss the Devil’s asshole and THAT was how the pact was made. Apparently, other times, people sat around at tables and we’re served by demons, like some sort of evil outdoor cafe.

Starting to write some witchey sketches for myself. Train travel through Upstate NY is inspiring some darkness to be expressed. History and conversation are contributing of their own free will.

Amazing Russian prison tattoos.

Robert Miller Gallery NYC Panopticum @fultonstreet


New Room
"Also fun in other ways…" Oh, Daddy.